You Don’t Need To Work To Put Food On The Table

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
~Philippians 4:19

Not through your farm work, or through your buying and selling; not through your salary, or your business profits; but according to God’s glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

What I’ve been trying to get accross to you in this sermon, blog, and podcast series is that the source of your supply now is the Father, and it comes from heaven. It comes through Christ Jesus, no longer through your work.

I still hear many believers today say things like, ‘I need to work to put food on the table.’ If you’re reading this today, and you are still ‘working to put food on the table’, you are still laboring under the curse. If you’re still ‘working to make money’, you are still functioning in the Adamic covenant; you are still living with the paradigm of the Adamic curse.

And you shouldn’t.

You don’t need to work to put food on the table. No longer do you need to work, sweat and struggle to have money; Jesus has broken that curse upon your life. All you need, He says, is a relationship with the Father. Then your daily provisions will come as a gift from Him.

For instance my children don’t need to work for food. It’s my job as their father to provide for them. They don’t need to pay me for their daily bread. They don’t need to work for their school fees. They don’t need to pay rent for the house they live in. It is my job to provide for them. And Jesus says that because you are now a child of the Father, you’ve been born of the Father, He takes responsibility now for providing for you.

I pray you begin to walk in this awareness today.