Don’t Mind How It Looks


Let’s journey back in time to His earthly beginning from Mary’s perspective. First, an angel appeared to her to let her know she would carry the Saviour in her womb and bring Him into this world. Joseph, her fiancé later found out she was with child, and planned to quietly set her aside because the child wasn’t his. Fast forward to the time Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus fled Israel in the middle of the night to protect baby Jesus from Herod’s sword. And then, when it was time for Jesus ministry to start, Mary served as catalyst for His first miracle by uttering the famous words, ‘Do whatever He tells you.’ But, after all these, she found herself looking at the crown of thorns on His head and the huge nails used to hold His body to the Cross. She probably wondered how everything got to that point.

To many, it looked like a pointless end to a great ministry but it was a master stroke of God’s genius, because if the rulers of this world had known, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory, Jesus.

So, I tell you today, don’t mind how it looks in seeming troubled areas of your life. Instead, look beyond the obvious to see what others don’t see. Bliss be with you.