Do You Have An Addiction?

Do you have an addiction?

“…the term addiction is used to describe a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences to the individual’s health, mental state or social life.” – Wikipedia

When we come across the term addiction, we often think in terms of drugs, alcoholism, or probably sex. Yet, the fact is that addiction has a broad application to all kinds of psychological dependence that lead to self destructive behaviors.

Does everyone have addictions?
Not necessarily.

Does everyone with addictions know that they have addictions?
Not really. In fact, most people with addictions don’t know that they have one. This is because the activities in which they are addictively engaged may be ‘productive’ or ‘positive’.
Yet, any activity in which you are engaged in a recurring manner, and which has harmful consequences to your health, mental state or social life, is an addiction, regardless of how ‘productive’ or ‘positive’ the activity may be.

As you can see, the definitive element of addictions is the fact that they have harmful consequences to:

  • your health,
  • mental state or
  • social life.

Do you have an addiction?
Do a personal check right away. Is there a specific activity, or a set of activities, that you are engaged in to the detriment of your health, mental state or social life? You might be blinded by the positive effects of that activity – probably you are making money from it or whatever: but if it’s hurting your health, mental state, or social life, its an addiction.

I’ve been thinking about addictions lately.
I believe that addictions happen when there’s a need in the human soul for meaning and joy beyond what is offered in the material dimension. We don’t always understand the nature of this need, but it’s always there and shows up at unexpected moments in our lives.
This need has an interesting identity – it’s called eternity!
Because you are an ‘eternity’ being, there’s a space in your heart called eternity. This space can only be filled by the Creator of the universe – God.
Any time you sense this need, and you attempt to fill it with any thing or activity, that thing or activity rapidly translates into an addiction.

Any addiction is bad.
Addictions create neurosis.
Addictions set up the human soul for depression, and frustration.
Addictions cripple interpersonal relationships.
Addictions are destructive to health and peace of mind.
In fact, addictions are dangerous.

Do you have an addiction?
Do you have a recurring compulsion to engage in some specific activity, despite harmful consequences to your health, mental state or social life.

Check that recurring compulsion to:

  • be with a certain individual at the expense of other important relationships – such as your marriage and so on?
  • pursue your career and professional activities at the expense of your health, mental state or social and family life?
  • take any form of food substance – alcohol, food, drugs, and so on – regardless of the harmful impact on your life?
  • pursue entertainment to the detriment of your family life and vital relationships?

Just take out time and think along the above lines. Do you have a compulsion to:

  • ……………………………….despite harmful consequences to your health, mental state or social life?
    (Fill out the space above with any such activity in your own life.)

My purpose in writing this post is to challenge you to check your life for the possible existence of addictions. I’ll post a sequel to this on how to eliminate addictions.

For the moment, however, is there any in your life? Please share with us in the comment spaces below.

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I think am addicted to something. One is citizens family another is…….can’t say. Not something to be proud of.

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I don’t have a addiction at present. But one more which people should be thinking about is blogging. Blogging can be quite addictive.


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WD Favour
WD Favour

Thanks Dorothy for highlighting the important ingredient of balance. Someone actually pointed this out to me earlier today…that balance is the key to avoiding addiction of all sorts. I appreciate your insight.


Addictions are part of being human.
There are different levels of addiction and certainly different levels of danger in addictions.
In life if we consistently practice a balance in everything we do…we will find that we are never faced with any extreme behaviors.
So remember everything live your life in a balance and you will be able to move forward and live a very healthy balanced lifestyle.
Excellent topic!
Keep moving forward!

WD Favour
WD Favour

Hi Edundayo! Great seeing you over here…and thanks for joining in the discussion. I think most of us bloggers are guilty as charged! I’ve gotten lots of e-mail requests to post a sequel to this…God help me. Well I’m working on that. Hope to post it soon.


Wow! this is interesting, looking at it from the perspective of this post, I’ll say I’m guilty as charged! For blogger like us, I’ll be glad to get a way to take your blog to the level you want, without getting addited to it along the line.

Personally, I’m just not just addicted to my blogs, I’m also addicted to browsing the Internet. My passion for latest information has gradually turn to an addition of browsing the Internet; most time beyond the time I would have wanted to and at times I missed appointment