Do Not Be Afraid

God is merciful.

In answer to the pleas for mercy from His children, He has recalled the dark death agent at the heart of the coronavirus.

Blessed be His holy name. Amen.

The blades of the plague might still be turning, and the effects and consequences still circulate among men, yet the dark death agent at the soul of the curse has been removed. It’s no longer there. And soon, the turning blades will come to a complete halt, and the effects will fade away completely.

Afterwards, everything will return to normal, as though the plague never was.

Nevertheless, a thick cloud of morbid terror now reigns over the inhabitants of the earth; over the hearts and minds of mankind. This terror is even more dangerous and deadly than the plague.

Beware of this fear. It is the fear of death. It is as old as mankind has walked this earth. And it has remained a very powerful weapon of enslavement in the hands of Lucifer and his agents.

Hebrews 2:14-15 NIV [14] Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might break the power of him who holds the power of death—that is, the devil— [15] and free those who all their lives were HELD IN SLAVERY BY THEIR FEAR OF DEATH.

Yes, the fear of death is worse than death itself. Fear torments. And the fear of death enslaves. Humans are terrified of death. So Lucifer uses it to terrify, torment, manipulate, blackmail and ultimately enslave them,

The fear of death makes cowards and slaves of us all. Better be dead than live in constant dread of death.

This is why the Holy Spirit says to all Blissfuls today, do not fear. DO NOT BE AFRAID.

Isaiah 8:11-12 NIV [11] This is what the Lord says to me with his strong hand upon me, warning me not to follow the way of this people: [12] “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; DO NOT FEAR WHAT THEY FEAR, AND DO NOT DREAD IT.

The message is very clear: Do not fellowship with the fear of the people of this world; do not participate in their panic.

It is in times like this that those who know their God rise and shine in the midst of darkness. Their faith and courage rise up as towers of inspiration and beacons of hope for the rest of their brothers and sisters.

Where are these men and women of Faith? We need you now. The whole earth is now crying out for your manifestation. This is your moment to arise and shine. This is your moment of distinction. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring glory to God.