Discipline is a Price for Greatness

Our Home Church meeting Discipline is equated with greatness; it demands a great mind, and wisdom from God. The result of indiscipline is poverty, shame, and the popular ‘crash-program’ people encounter every now and then.

In order to give your life a meaning, you must discipline your mind and actions. You cannot live your life anyhow and expect extraordinary result.

The meeting of the Royalty Home Church this week was more like a theraphy session. It was awesome to see members sincerely sharing their experiences on discipline. Many truly spoke out on how they have been suffering from indiscipline, especially in the areas of time management, and finances.

Then we prayed for those who admitted that they have tried to stop a habit but couldn’t, which in turn was hindering them from achieving more.

Furthermore,  I emphasized that discipline is a price we must be willing to pay if we want to be great. The earlier we developed our minds and started making firm decisions on how we live our lives, the better for us.

The begining of failure is the refusal to develop ones self to do more, believing that your best can only come through a ‘mercenary’ doing your work for you.

We decided that, for the ‘Celebration of Talent’ this coming Sunday in Citizens  Family Worship ministry, no external artists will be performing with us; rather they will watch us perform.

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