Same God, Different Manifestations.

In the previous post, Who Knew God Better, Abraham or Moses?, I showed you that Abraham and Moses knew God individually in revelations unique to each of them. Abraham knew God as ‘God Almighty’. God revealed Himself to him and related with him as ‘God Almighty’. But when Moses came along, God revealed Himself differently. He introduced Himself to Moses, not as ‘God Almighty’, but as ‘the LORD’.  Then He related with Moses accordingly.

Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob knew Him as God Almighty – a unique identity. Moses on the other hand knew Him as the LORD—another unique identity. Then, as you go through the word, you discover that Hagar, Joshua, Rahab, David, Elijah, Mary, Peter, Mary Magdalene, Paul, and so on, each knew the same God in very unique revelations.

As you go through the Bible, you notice a pattern. God reveals Himself differently to different people. It is the same God, but with different manifestations; same God but with different expressions in time and space.

In His characteristic manner, we see the same God manifesting with a unique identity to each person. He appears to one person as ‘God Almighty’, and appears to another as ‘the Lord’. He appears to one as ‘the Lord of Host’ and appears to the other as ‘Jehovah Shalom’. He appears to some others as ‘Consuming Fire’ and the ‘Fountain of Living Waters’. The same God but varied expressions.

God reveals Himself in an infinite spectrum of unique identities, because He — the eternal, immortal, timeless, essence of all spirits and life — is infinitely multidimensional. He is one essence forever expressing Himself in an infinite spectrum of unique varieties: God Almighty, Consuming Fire, Unapproachable Light, Fountain of Living Waters, Holy One, LORD of Hosts, and on and on and on.

To Apostle Paul, He was the unapproachable light. On his way to Damascus, God appeared to Him as a blinding light. That’s why he kept referring to Him as ‘the One that dwells in the Light that no one can approach’. So you see Paul always talking about the light in his letters to the churches he planted: the light of the Gospel, the light of the knowledge of God.

God is one; but in time, space, and even in eternity, He reveals Himself in an infinite variety of unique identities; depending on who’s looking!

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