Who can fathom the depth of His love?
Who can understand the infinite nature of His wisdom?
It is His glory to conceal a thing, His ways are unsearchable.

Access to God has been reserved, by natural selection and elimination, for persons who think deep and people who have deep minds.

It takes deep soul-searching and mind-illumination to understand that if you are in fellowship with God, every occurrence in your life, whether positive or negative, will yield to positive results.

To know that eternity has been set in our hearts, and His infinite love abounds to us all once we believe, calls for deep-soul searching and mind illumination.

To look beyond the obvious to see what others don’t see calls for deep-soul searching and mind illumination.

In the book of Job 1:13-22, the depth of Job’s mind and heart for God allowed him to say, “the Lord gives and the Lord takes, blessed be the name of the Lord”(vs. 21), even  after a tirade of woes befell him in a single day.

Job, in spite of his hurt and misfortune, attained selflessness by praying for his friends who had taunted and mocked him, because he had a different mindset and thought deep.

Look beyond the obvious and see what others don’t see; you’ll do what others cannot do, and achieve results men cannot even dream of achieving.

Come to terms with the fact, that once you are in God’s hands, there are no negatives in your life and everything that happens to you has a positive undertone.

Believe that once the Lord has declared a word concerning your life and destiny, He will bring the Word to pass.

As you are called to deep fellowship with Him for the deep opening of your minds and soul, may you heed to His call.

May the depth of your soul and every fibre of your skin, possess the infinite and unsearchable depth of His love and wisdom in Jesus  name.


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