Dear Very Young Single Mom

Dear Very Young Single Mom,

He said he loved you. He made all all the right moves and said all the right words. You believed him. And you fell in love with him.

Along the way, you did it with him. After all he seemed to care very much for you. He appeared quite responsible. And you were going to get married anyway. So, why not?

Then he got you pregnant. Yes he did. You didn’t just get pregnant; the one you loved got you pregnant. And that was when all hell broke loose.

To your greatest shock, he refused to accept responsibility. He dumped you and fled. He broke your heart. He left you hurting. He left you to pick up all the broken pieces.

I can only imagine the pain you must be going through right now. But I’m sure that’s nothing compared to the actual suffering you’re feeling. Only God Himself can fully understand it. I pray that He will comfort you and heal your broken heart, in Jesus Name.

Now please listen.

Falling in love with someone is no crime. Doing it with the one you love is no crime. Having a child with one you love is no crime. So, for starters, quit blaming and condemning yourself.

You had no way of knowing that the guy was a pretender—a false lover; a deceiver. He lied to you and deceived you. He is the one to be blamed and condemned. Not you.

So, stop beating up yourself. Instead, take these few lessons to heart.

  1. Stop beating up yourself. I can’t repeat this enough. Stop blaming and condemning yourself.

  2. Do not let anyone—especially the modern Pharisees and hypocrites in your family or your church—judge, condemn or despise you. Don’t allow such nonsense.

  3. Accept your baby with pride and dignity. Resolve to raise him or her to know that you’re very proud of him/her.

  4. Continue to take care of yourself: body, soul, and spirit. You are still beautiful, and will always be beautiful.

  5. Resolve to develop yourself educationally, physically, spiritually, financially and so on.

  6. Surround yourself with supportive and loving people who will not judge or condemn you. Who will nurture you in love and help you move forward and higher in life.

  7. Before you ever give your heart to another man again, ensure that they truly love you with the love of God. May God give you discernment in this area when the time comes, in Jesus Name.

If you need any form of personal counseling and support, let me know via the link below.

I love you. ?
Rev Wildfire