David Had A Skill That Made The Armor of Saul Unnecessary

David, at a point in His life decided to go up in battle against the giant Goliath. And King Saul, out of concern for him, armed and dressed David in his own regalia and armor for battle. You can imagine that David would have received the best of everything since Saul was a king, even though he later discarded Saul’s armor. Now, the crux of the matter here is that David had a skill that made the armor of Saul unnecessary.

There was something in David that rendered the size, the hugeness, and the complexities of Saul’s armor useless. He didn’t have spears and swords. He didn’t possess a bronze helmet for his head like Saul did. And He had no need for Saul’s spears and swords. There was something that David had going for him that made all that unnecessary. The full story can be found in the seventeenth chapter of the book of First Samuel.

Like David, there’s something you have that makes all the success formulas of this world unnecessary for you. Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few. It’s not about the other person’s advantages or privileges. There is something in you that makes all the systems and all the methods of hugely successful people unnecessary to you. It is in the mirror. Just look in the mirror; you’re going to see yourself.

My ministry, for instance, has been amplified by God to such a dimension where we are now reaching tens of thousands of people through the media across the globe; without stress, just by operating as churches in the homes.

You can now see how what is born of God is overcoming the world. This world is a system with opposing forces in it- the ways, systems, configurations and rules of men. The system can stop you only if you are not expressing your unique revelation of God.