Dare To Embrace God’s Vision For Your Life

Apostle Paul I believe, came to a point where he was walking in the fullness of the new creation while living in this region of time and space. He says:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me.”
~ Philippians 4:13(KJV)

He is actually saying that you can do all things; not some things, not what you are gifted to do, not what you are talented to do, not what you have learnt to do. Through Christ, through your divinity, through who you have now become in Christ, you can do all things.

The relevance of this point I am making about talent and gifts is this: A lot of God’s children find it hard to receive the vision of God for their lives. When God gives them an instruction, most times they think it’s too big. They say to themselves, “I haven’t gone to school for this.” “I haven’t learnt how to do this.” “I don’t possess the talent for this.” They are simply locked up in the consciousness of their old selves; and so they limit themselves.

But when you understand what has happened to you in Christ, that you now have the nature of God, you can receive God’s vision, no matter how ‘big’ it is. If God tells you to go around the world and preach the Gospel, you’re not going to question God on whether you’re talented as a speaker or not. If God tells you to build a multi-national company, it doesn’t matter whether you have an MBA from a business school or not.

What matters is that as a Christian, as a new creation, with the new self from the Father,  you can now receive His vision for your life at any point in time, and have the confidence to go about it. You do this knowing that you now have the divine nature of God in you. So this is why it’s important that you understand this reality of the new creation and begin to walk in it.