Before The End Of This Dancing Season, You Will Give A Shocking Testimony!

The Lord sees the motives and intentions of your heart. He knows exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. And He understands you.

You see, He doesn’t look at what men look at. Men look at your actions; right or wrong. And they judge you accordingly.

God, however, looks beyond what you did and what you’re doing. He sees your heart. He sees why you’re doing it. He sees that you’re motivated by love. You just want to help your family and those dependent on you.

And that’s why He is on your side. He told me to tell you that He is on your side. He does not condemn you. Instead, He will help you.

You do not see a way out at the moment. You’ve gone about things in the wrong way and made a mess of everything. You’re stuck now in self-condemnation. And you know others are also condemning you.

Now, hear this: There is a way out. You don’t see it. But God sees it. And He’s about to break you out with a phenomenal move of the Holy Spirit in your Favour.

Just watch out! Before the end of this dancing season, you will give a shocking testimony!

Today is Financial Favour Friday!

Every Financial Favour Friday offering is a Love Gift to the Holy Spirit.
So, give blissfully and generously!