Dance Till You Drop!

With God, it’s never the big, visible, spectacular things that matter. Those things matter to humans: Shiny, big, noisy, fast, and so on.

But with God, it’s the little, invisible, silent matters of the heart that matter most: 

Selfless, humble, patient
obedience to His Holy Spirit
—things that are rarely noticed by humans, but are of great value before the Lord.

This is our season of delighting in the Lord. And I’ve already told us to dance a lot. This is what the Holy Spirit wants.


Spiritual instructions seldom make sense. Which is why most people don’t hear them. And even among those that hear them, only very few act on them.

For instance, Naaman. He was leprous and came to the prophet Elisha for healing. Elisha told him to go and wash in the Jordan river.

The Leprous man however wouldn’t have that! He felt it was beneath his dignity as a general in the Syrian army. 

Fortunately for him, he had sensible servants who persuaded him to obey the Lord. And when He did what the prophet told him to do, his leprosy was cured and his skin became like that of a baby.

I pray you don’t take the instructions here lightly. I really pray and strongly hope so.

It’s our season of delighting in the Lord.
Rejoicing in the Lord.

Dance more.
Alone. With your family. In your churches.
And wherever the Spirit moves you.

Turn your church services into dancing fiestas!
Dance all day long! All night long!
Make it a dancing season.

Dance till your calves and ankles hurt.
Dance till your hips hurt.
Dance and scream till every part of your body aches.
Dance till you drop!

And as you dance, watch out!!!
The testimonies this season will absolutely blow your mind!