Daily, Let Your Work Reflect God’s Wisdom

You should work each day to manifest the variety of God that you were designed to express. You work to display your divinity to your world. You do this daily to produce good works. These works in turn reflect; because they’re tangible and they’re visible. They reflect the wisdom of God; they reflect the nature of God.  Then as creation see your works, they are awed by the wisdom of God they behold, and they praise God. Your good works should stir up praise for God. Folks should see your divinity through what you do daily.

Another reason why you should manifest your divinity through works is to bless creation. It means that through your work you make creation more beautiful, you make creation peaceful; you cause creation to be happier.  So by expressing your divinity you bless creation. Your world becomes a better place as you manifest God’s nature. This is why you need to work. It is important that you get that into your spirit. Get that into your life. Let it permeate everything you do and your expectations.

We are to work to create. Work is for creative expressions. It is to bring blessings to creation. It’s why we need to work; we’ve been created by God to do that.

And finally, I want to talk about how you should approach your work. This is very important. It’s crucial that you learn how you need to approach your work. Now you know the reason why you should work, how do you approach your work?

I want to quickly say this, that first of all you must learn to develop a love for your assignments. You must build love for what God has asked you to do. Whatever God has assigned you to do, whatever God has told you to do, develop a passion for it.