Cruise With The Holy Spirit!

Mark 6:48 CJB | “He saw that they were having difficulty rowing, because the wind was against them.”

The disciples of Jesus encountered serious trouble on this day. They had great difficulty rowing their boat, because the wind was against them. It blew in the opposite direction. They could not move with ease and speed.

Hardship, misery, and pain, is mostly the result of misalignment. The Holy Spirit is the force of life. She is the Wind beneath our wings. We experience strain whenever the Wind of life is against us. We struggle when the direction of our lives, our desires, and our inclination, is opposed to her.

Take the back seat. Let the Lord take control. No need straining to row. Like the eagle, receive the grace to thrust your life in the direction of the Wind, to keep you lifted. Receive the grace to trust God, cease from your own labours, and enjoy ease. Come on a cruise with the Holy Spirit, and cruise with Her!