Creating and Transforming Your Realities

Let me begin this post with a simple question:

Does God make mistakes?

Before you answer, ponder on the following two verses:

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning – the sixth day.”
~Genesis 1:31

It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” ~Genesis 2:18

Did you notice first of all that at one point God saw all that he had made, and it was very good, including the man He had created in verse 27. Did you also notice that at another point He took another look; this time, it was no longer good.

And I ask, did He make a mistake the first time?

Consider another illustration:

When God made the first Adam, he began as a full grown man. Then God handed the entire planet to him without any prior training and experience. Was this a mistake, considering the fact that the guy messed it all up?

In stark contrast with what happened with the first Adam, when God made the last Adam, the second man, Jesus Christ, He began as a baby and had to learn, grow, be tested, before being given dominion.

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and men.”
~ Luke 2:52

Was bringing Adam into the world full grown, and then giving him dominion prior to training and experience a mistake on God’s part? And could the case of Jesus Christ mean that God was correcting that initial mistake?

These are critical questions for thinking minds.

Continuously reviewing and transforming…

In any case, one thing is clear about God: He is continuously reviewing and transforming His creation. Interestingly, the unenlightened mind perceives this phenomenon strictly as evolution.

At one point God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. At another point He took another look; this time, it was no longer good. So, He re-formed; and He re-arranged.

Is this an omniscient being correcting a mistake? Is it some sort of evolution? Or could this rather be pure spirit continuously transforming His expressions to infinitely higher dimensions?

At first, both the male and female aspects of the human being were contained in one body. Then He transformed creation and separated the male and female genders into different bodies, uniquely designed for their gender roles.

The first Adam was birthed as full -grown man and given an entire universe to run. At the time God must have felt that this was good. But this man messed up things and handed the planet over to the forces of evil and decay. So, the Last Adam was birthed in infancy and had to grow both in stature and in wisdom – a change in the pattern.

God is continuously reviewing His creation in order to transform it to higher dimensions of expressions.  Learn from Him and do the same to your own creations, products, systems, processes, services, relationships, and so on.

“Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children.”
~Ephesians 5:1

Take another look at that plan, product, system, process, relationship, and so on. In what ways can you transform it? How can it become better? What minor or major modifications can you make to transform it to a higher quality?

Think, think, think. Then work, work, work.

The Father…

All creations come from God. So, let’s ponder awhile on the nature of God, as I believe that if you are to create new realities and transform existing ones, you need to understand the nature of the Creator.

“God is spirit…”
~Jesus Christ in John 4:24

Not a living soul; not a body; not His Creation; He is spirit. God is Spirit; life-giving Spirit. Spirit is invisible, and eternal. Spirit is unchangeable and indestructible. Spirit is eternal. Furthermore,God is pure spirit – that is, the original source of all other spirits. (Numbers 16:22; 27:16).

God is spirit; but He manifests in an infinite spectrum of souls and life-forms, none of which is Him, but merely unique expressions of Him.

Jesus called Him Father; and this, I think is the most beautiful and truest description of His being. Father means Source. God is the Source of all spirits. All other spirits, souls, and life-forms spring forth from Him.

Creations come from spirits…

The Creator is spirit, signifying that creating is a spiritual expression. Creations come from spirits. To create, therefore, tune in to your Source; then let everything flow from there. True creations do not emanate from the mind; they come out of spirits.

God’s creation is a complex kaleidoscopic expression of pure spirit. A variegated, endlessly changing patterning of living and non-living forms. It is endlessly changing. As someone has said, perfection is not a destination; it is a journey.

For instance, after the creation of man, at the end of the sixth day, the Holy Book reveals, “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning – the sixth day.” ~Genesis 1:31

It was good. The formation was good. Yet, a few verses later, the Father – pure spirit spoke, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” ~Genesis 2:18. Was formerly good was no longer good. And He transformed it.

Endlessly changing…

One key feature of Creation I must point out here is that creation is God expressing Himself (present continuous) in time and space.

You are a spirit; you came from the Father; and to understand yourself, you must understand your Source. To create and transform your realties, you must tap into the wisdom and power of your Source; understand the process, flow, and operation of your Source.

As someone has said, perfection is not a destination; it is a journey.

To express, spirits need time and space…

In the beginning..

Time preceded space.

In the beginning God

God created time. Time came out of Him. It is the first material expression of divinity. Time is the starting point of matter.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

Space followed time out of God.

And the Spirit of God moved…

All that was in time and space at the very beginning was pure spirit.

Time and space are intangible expressions of God. The substance (the essence) of time and space is spirit. Consequently, at the very beginning, there was nothing else in time and space but pure spirit; all that time and space was at the very beginning was spirit.

Time and space came out of God. Everything else is happening within this divine substance.

Pure spirit is perfect and ideal. But the materialism of time and space imposes resistance to the will and expressions of pure spirit, thus necessitating modifications in the operations of pure spirit.

The Essence versus the expressions

Does God change? No. Does God evolve? No. Pure spirit is perfect, so it can never change.

But time and space impose limits on what pure spirit can do within them. Therefore, at any point in time the expressions of pure spirit in matter (time and space) will never be ‘un-improve-able’.

Yet, an interesting thing about time and space is that they are infinitely expanding.

Time expands: a day becomes a week; a week becomes a month; a month becomes a year; then decades, centuries, millennia and on and on.

Space expands: scientists have discovered that the universe is constantly expanding.

So, though time and space impose limits on what pure spirit can do within them, as they expand, they are able to ‘accommodate’ more dimensions of the expressions of pure spirit; leading to higher degrees of perfection. Thus what was ok at a point in time and space, becomes inadequate at another time and space. Time and space has expanded, and in the process enabled the evolution of the expression of pure spirit to a higher dimension.

What is really happening here is that the essential spirit is trying to express Himself in material time and space. It is the expression, not the essence that is constantly changing. The expression is striving to match the essence. The real is striving to match the ideal from whence it came. This is what creation is all about; and this is what all the transforming and evolving is all about.

NB: This ‘striving to match’ can be visually and perceptually similar to ‘mistake’.

For instance, when the essence (God) strives to express His dominion in time and space, the following transformations occurred:

  1. Both male and female genders are in one full-grown human body.
  2. Then the male and female genders are separated into two different bodies.
  3. Then the Last Adam comes in as a baby that grows in time and space.
  4. Then, the New Man is genderless – neither male nor female
  5. And on and on..

Endlessly changing…

The transformation of facts

As in the making of man, pure spirit must work with matter (with what is available.)

To make, we must take the facts of reality and shape them with the voice and breath of divinity into something that, while not the ideal at most points in time, is different from the original fact. We alter facts; we effect, as it were, the evolution of facts, by manipulating them; using the voice and breath of divinity.

God uses what is available (like mud) to initiate the realization of His dreams in the material world. Then He continuously perfects it. He doesn’t wait for perfect conditions. Learn to do the same.

So, for instance, you can take the facts of your realities and begin to mould the shape and soul of your products, services, processes, and systems into a vital business organism.

No need waiting for perfect conditions; this is absolutely unnecessary. Take the mud of your current abilities, learning, experiences, exposures, and resources. Mould it into skin. Then into soul; and if space and time permit, mould ultimately into spirit.