Is It Still Good?

Space and time realities are continuously changing. For this reason, relevance is a relative and dynamic phenomenon. Unless you are continuously revising and updating the quality of your skills and services, you’ll soon become relegated to the background.

Take a cue from God, as we saw in the previous post. After God created Adam, He noted that it was good. He observed that it was beautiful and perfect; and then he rested on the seventh day. But then later on, God took another look; and what was once good was no longer good.

Listen: What was good yesterday might not be good today. What was relevant previously might be obsolete in the scheme of things today. That which was acceptable formerly might be deplorable at the moment. That which was successful yesterday might not be effective presently. That which was advantageous in the past might be a liability now.

So you must constantly look at that which is good, and ask yourself, is it still good? Is it still relevant?

God reviews His works constantly, and makes revisions where necessary. Initially, the sight of one man walking in the midst of the Garden must have been gorgeous. Down the road, however, it became quite a depressing sight! Then God revised things and Eve was brought into the picture.

Even then, God didn’t stop. He eventually decided to do away with the old creation entirely and introduce a new creation. This time around, in a radical departure from the basic design of the old creation, he did away with the issue of gender.

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
~ Galatians 3:28


I encourage you today to continue update your skills, services, and products to better and higher versions. There are better forms and better manifestations of your being.