Connecting Blissful People Worldwide With The Holy Spirit At The Lord’s Table

Hello Blissful People!

It’s Table Tuesday!

Table Tuesday is our newest weekly event. And it’s a very special one. We’ve had two so far. So today will be the third. And the experience has been amazing.

Have you made a Table Tuesday Connect yet?

Have you found one or two other Blissful People in your area and connected with them for Table Tuesdays?

It’s important you do so. Very very important.

Remember, this is how it works.

  1. Find one or two other Blissful People in your area. Agree with them to meet in person on Table Tuesdays for Holy Communion.
  2. On Table Tuesday, prepare your holy Communion materials (Bread and Wine).
  3. Then meet in person with your Blissful People Connect at exactly 6:00pm (Nig), 12:00noon (Louisiana). Time will vary based on your location. But we must all meet at the same time.
  4. During your meeting, go online at the Rev Wildfire Facebook page to connect with me for the Holy Communion Online service. Yes, we are all required to connect at exactly the same time. I will be online then.
  5. Follow my guidance during the Facebook Live Holy Communion Online service.

It is a powerful experience. It’s connecting Blissful People worldwide at the Lord’s Table with the Holy Spirit. It’s a communion of love and divine favours.

Blissful People Table Tuesday Connect @Hammond LA

Do not exempt yourself from this communion. Participate fully and receive your own portion this season.

And, for those connecting in Enugu, I’m there now. If you would love to have me crash your Connect, let me know in your comment.