Connect with Your Family

God sets the lonely in families. He leads forth the prisoners with singing; but the rebellious live in a sun scorched land.”
~ Psalm 68:6

The rebellious are those people who find it very difficult to connect with others; they can’t stay in a family, they can’t connect with people, and they always prefer to be alone. Rebellious people are not just those who can’t stay under authority. They are those who are unable to relate and function in families.

Family is a destiny provision by God for your assignment. God sent you into this world with an assignment and gave you people to fulfill that assignment; but if you’re not connected to those people, you can’t fulfill your assignment. It is your duty is to make sure that you discover what that assignment is and use it as a basis for connecting with others. Then make sure that you understand the mission of the people you’re connected with, and they too understand your mission.  And each day, all of you are continuously working together towards a common purpose.

This principle applies particularly to the family you’re going to build as a home. Make sure that your wife, husband, children all know what you believe, what your principles are, what your doctrines are, what your faith is, who your God is, why you believe what you believe; and also why you came into this world.

My daughter just wrote a book and I noticed that she mentioned me in that book as a character – a mentor to someone on self discovery.  Her book, actually, is on self discovery. When I read that book, I said, “Wow, my daughter is even helping me spread the Wildfire message.” However, if she didn’t understand what her daddy stands for, what her daddy teaches, she won’t be able to write a book along that line. This is what family is all about.

So whether you’re in business, politics, ministry – whatever you’re into – make sure you’re building your family on the solid rock of God’s word, your principles and your mission.