Close To Me

Jeremiah 30:21 NIV | “…For who is he who will devote himself to be close to me?’ declares the Lord.”

It’s rare to find genuine love for God. Many are after His hand and gifts with only few longing to see His face and feel His heartbeat.

Blissfuls come under the second group; genuine lovers and followers of our Heavenly Father, Compassionate Jesus and Precious Holy Spirit. The group of people who want to hear His heartbeat and know how He is doing every second.

May we never be distracted from Him!

May our devotion to the Lord be absolute!

May we long for Him and desire Him much more today than when we first met Him!

May our hearts remain one with His, even as we persevere in the quest to behold Him in the beauty of His holiness!

And, may we ultimately merge into one with Him and be eclipsed in His ravaging glory!

If you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you and draw you near to Himself.

Ponder on these words…