Your Circumstances Are Powerful Psychological Reflectors

In Parents Are Powerful Reflectors, I showed you that the words of significant authority figures – parents, leaders, and so on – are reflectors. If you deeply care about any individual, and respect that person, then their opinions constitute reflectors to you. And your self-image will definitely be developed from images reflected to you by those reflectors.

It might interest you to know that your circumstances are powerful psychological reflectors. The things that go on around you can paint a picture of who you apparently are. For instance, your circumstances can suggest to you that you are poor based on the state of your finances. It can tell you that you’re not smart. It can portray you as unlucky and unfortunate. It can also make you appear like a dullard. Like a mirror, your circumstances send signals back to you. It sends reflections back to you, revealing to you the sort of person you apparently are. So, your environment and your circumstances are powerful reflectors.

Your personal success is also a strong reflector. Haven’t you noticed that the more successful you get, the more confident you become? The more fruitful and productive you turn out to be, the more assertive you become. You may wonder, why is this so? What changed? Why did I get more confident after something happened? It is because your success sent a picture back to you saying something like; “Hey, you’re cool, you can make it, you’re one of the best, you can take on any challenge now.” And when that effect is created, you suddenly start adjusting your perception of yourself. You see yourself differently.

Interestingly, this is one good thing about your personal success. When you achieve things, it sends a feedback to you that you’re successful. It alters the way you are seen and builds up confidence in yourself. So your success is a reflector.