Christmas and the sparkle season

We are now heading into the heart of the Christmas season, that time of the year when Christians all over the world pretend to be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, whereas, in reality, most of what we do amounts to just more selfishness and vanity.  In Western nations, it’s predominantly about shopping, Christmas  lights, trees, and that idol called Santa Claus.  Many who enjoy this season of celebration have no clues as to what it’s all about.

I don’t really celebrate Christmas for reasons that are mostly personal.  We weren’t brought up in my family to make much ado about it, anyway.  But as I grew up and reached my own conclusions about things, I decided not to make much ado about it either.  For me, it’s just another day.  It’s roots are way too pagan and idolatrous for me, and it’s practice is way to worldly and materialistic.

Of course, I do not preach against it from my pastoral pulpit, and neither do I forbid members of my congregation from celebrating it.  I also do not stop my wife and children from celebrating it and enjoying themselves that day.  My views about it are basically kept to myself.

Along the way, I decided to spend the three days that lie at the heart of Christmas as days of praying, fasting, and charity works.  I preferred to spend the 25th in the hospital chatting with the bedridden and praying for them.  It gives me great joy and inspiration to do this and I’m not suggesting that you join me at all, but that’s the way it is for me.

My suggestion to those who do make much ado about Christmas is to never forget the reason for the season, and that is Jesus Christ.  Christmas should not be about Santa Claus, or lights, or gifts, or any of those things. Let it rather be a time to reflect on the Love of God that gave up His only Son to die for the sins of the world.  Let it be a time of sharing this love through our deeds and our words.  Let this be a time to think about the helpless of this earth and take whatever steps we could to help make their burdens lighter.

And if you’ve not yet consciously and deliberately given your heart and your life to God the Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ, then as you fill your stomach with food and wine, do remember that without the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there’ll be no Christmas.  You always have the choice, while there’s still breath in you, to surrender your heart and your life to God.  Simply ask Jesus Christ to come into you and take over your life.  Say it the best way you can and in the most simple terms.  He’ll hear you and he’ll come in and change your life forever.

Well, I guess it’s time to say, have yourself a merry Christmas – at least I prefer it to that stupid phrase, ‘the sparkle season.’

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