Choose To Press Forward

Hello Blissfuls!

Here’s an important message to prepare you for what’s coming.

Don’t make excuses.
Don’t reject new challenges just because you lack the experience or skills.
Don’t resist new ways of seeing things, just because you don’t understand them.

Don’t fight the changes that are necessary for your advancement in life.
Embrace them.
You may think you lack the resources, skill, or experience to tackle that challenge.
You may think you lack the intellectual ability to understand that new idea.
And you may be right.

But you definitely don’t lack the ever present help of the Holy Spirit Who teaches you all things!

So, instead of making excuses, make choices.
Make decisions.
Make resolutions.
Choose to press forward regardless of how inadequate you feel.
Resolve to embrace God’s promises in spite of how limited you feel.

Then ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

Harvest is nearly here.
Don’ t be caught napping!