Change Your Mirror

You never act contrary to how you see yourself. Your self-image determines what you do and don’t do. It decides the boundaries for you. Self images are built by reflectors, and can only be transformed by reflectors. Don’t forget this.

So if you want to change how you feel, change your mirror. If you want to alter your attitude, change your mirror. If you want to change your actions, or anything else about yourself, change the mirror that is beaming reflections back at you.

To use a physical illustration, do you know that there are some mirrors that don’t show you your real image?  I once had a mirror that made my head look big. I didn’t like that mirror. Some other mirrors made my head look wide. In fact, a particular mirror made my head look wide while the rest of my body looked dwarfish-I’m at least six foot tall. I never liked those types of mirrors. After the initial glance that reveals their defect, I don’t ever peep into them again.

To be honest, I like mirrors that make me look good. Because how you see yourself is more important than how others see you. I’m telling you the truth. It’s how you see yourself that determines the rest. So forget about how they’re seeing you, work on how you see yourself first, because you will eventually become what you continue to behold.

Change your mirror if you want to change things about yourself.