Celebrate and Use Your Stones

Here is an excerpt from the story of the legendary encounter between David and Goliath:

4A champion named Goliath, who was from Gath, came out of the Philistine camp. He was over nine feet tall. 5 He had a bronze helmet on his head and wore a coat of scale armor of bronze weighing five thousand shekels; 6 on his legs he wore bronze greaves, and a bronze javelin was slung on his back. 7 His spear shaft was like a weaver’s rod, and its iron point weighed six hundred shekels. His shield bearer went ahead of him.11 On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified.
~1 Samuel 17:4-7,11

I’m not sure we still have literal giants today of the physical status of Goliath. But I’m certain that in this life there are still some giants – those extraordinarily connected, talented, and accomplished individuals whose achievements may make you feel so small and insignificant. As you see or read about the phenomenal accomplishments of these people – particularly those in similar fields, or even your peers – you may begin to feel inadequate and inferior. This was what happened to Saul and the Israelites when they faced Goliath. When they saw his size and armory, and heard his voice, their hearts became faint and they scurried into their tents like squirrels.

In this life there are giants. They are everywhere: Politics, business, ministry, academics. They are big, huge, vicious, and intimidating. The sight of them could cause your heart to faint and induce you to quit. But, you know what God has taught me? In the battle of life – yes, life is a battle; the battle for influence, relevance, and significance – the size of any person or organization is inconsequential to your victory.

Imitate little David

The key to your victory is to understand your distinction, know your strength, and USE IT! You do not need the size of Goliath, or his armory in order to achieve victory and make your mark in history. You do not need to have what others have, or achieve what they have achieved in order to be successful and happy. Just embrace what God has given you and celebrate it.

David understood what he had (1 Samuel 17:34-37,45-49):

  • The name of the Lord.
  • His testimony of past victories.
  • His courage.
  • His skill of slinging.
  • Plus his size too!

Unknown to Goliath at the time, David was a giant in his own rights, and was supremely equipped to destroy him.

The significance and power of what David had was lost on Goliath. David, however, perfectly understood the potency of what he had. You do not need the size of Goliath, or the strength of his armory in order to defeat him in the battles of life. You are a giant in your own rights, with your own unique set of shock and awe-inspiring weapons.

Reject this world’s yardsticks for success

The world uses visible things to measure success. In this world, its all about the size and number of what you possess. Then they lay out their own systems and methods for achieving these indices.

Understand: if you accept this world’s definitions of success plus how to attain it, you will become a slave and victim of their rat race for the rest of your life.

Worldly thinking tells you that in order to be happy and successful you must acquire more material possessions. But this is a big lie.

You do not need to own multi-million dollar homes in order to be happy and successful.

You do not need to be a millionaire in order to be happy and successful.

You do not need a university degree to be happy and successful.

You do not need to be married with children to be happy and successful.

There is nothing wrong with the list above in themselves; but it is wrong to see them as standards for success. Reject that mentality.

Celebrate what God has given you and use them

David_GoliathGod has already blessed you. He is your blessing! You are already successful because the Greatest lives in you.

Instead of measuring yourself with others and trying to acquire all the things this world projects as success, focus on the Lord, what He has already given you, and His purpose for your life.

Success and happiness come from being at peace with the Lord, and seeking only His pleasures. Therefore, strive to know the Lord, and to submit to Him always. Then seek only His pleasure in all that you do. In this way you will find eternal joy and satisfaction.

Like David, first count your blessings and name them one by one. Then reach into your bag and take out a stone and sling away!

“As the Philistine [Goliath] moved closer to attack him, David ran quickly toward the battle line to reach him. Reaching into his bag and taking out a stone, he slung it and struck the Philistine on the forehead. The stone sank into his forehead, and he fell facedown on the ground. So David triumphed over the philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.”
~ 1 Samuel 17:48 – 50