Celebration Of Love 2019

2019: Our Year Of Cheerful Giving.

God is planting seeds of peace and prosperity among us!

The earth will produce it's crops! And the heavens will release the dew!

Made By The Spirit

Some food for thought.

I Love You

No strings attached.

God Answers Prayers

I will always pray for you. Submit your prayers here.

How Much Are You Worth?

Life is not measured by how much you own.

An Appearance Of Self-Control

Do you constantly berate yourself and wish you were like some other highly spiritual and disciplined leader? This story might just get you to...

Stop Slaving For People To Like You

If you claim to be a disciple of Jesus Christ—that is, a Consecrated One—yet want to fit into the world, be acceptable in it,...

5 Blessings Of The Generous

God prefers those who give liberally and cheerfully to Him. This preference manifests as unexplained favours in their lives – they are the true blessings of giving.

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