Consecrated Ones

Living By God’s Design

Your life is a seed to be sown.

Be A Person Of Prayer!

Become prayer itself!

Don’t End Up In The Company Of The Dead

You end up in the company of the dead by fellowshipping with the dead.

Choose The Good Part!

There are many parts to Jesus. Like Mary, choose God as your Lord.

Be Careful For Nothing!

Receive the grace to trust and rest in the Lord.

Beware Of Attachments (2): Hate Speech Or Sound Judgement?

Lord, lead me in the path of everlasting.

Who is A Consecrated One?

The Five Fundamental Rules That Define A Consecrated One.

Conserving The Consecrated Ones

The consecrated ones are the most critically endangered species on the earth today.

To The Consecrated Ones

Are you one of the consecrated ones? Then this message is for you.

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