Personal Success

Key To Greatness 1: Receive (God’s) Mercy

No one can make it without the help and permission of God.

Receive A Fresh Oil!

May every difficulty, friction, and roughness in your life give way.

Increase Your Fruitfulness (4): Use Your Lamp

Allow the word of God to decide your thoughts, actions and expectations.

Increase Your Fruitfulness (3): Love God, Not Pleasure

Love for God causes the word of God to produce in your life effortlessly.

Increase Your Fruitfulness (2): Shun Mammon!

Make good use of the things of this world without becoming attached to them.

Increase Your Fruitfulness (1): Cast Your Cares On The Lord

Worries create a toxic atmosphere for God's word. Cast your anxieties on the Lord and you will increase your fruitfulness.

Expect A Turnaround!

The odds are in your favour.

Be Filled For An Overflow!

Until you are full, you cannot overflow.

May Signs Follow You!

May you follow the Holy Spirit.

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