Overcoming The Need To Influence Others

History’s greatest influencers have always been those who overcame their need to influence and control others. These are men and women who have beheld the realities behind the various forms that embody truth. They understand themselves, they are at home with themselves and secure in who they are. They do not need anyone’s acceptance or approval to determine their worth and happiness. They are free!

Unconditional Love 2

There is nothing like unconditional love. If it ever appears to exist, its nothing more than irresponsibility, deceit, and sheer hypocrisy. Not even God practices it. Unconditional love (if there’s anything like that) is evil…The idea of unconditional love is an illusion for lazy and indolent minds. The reality of eternal love is that its conditional.

3 Very Simple Ways To Solve All Your Problems

Living happily and successfully is mostly a matter of how you solve all your problems.  My objective in this very brief post is to show you 3 powerful problem-solving attitudes.  They are: Avoid a quick-fix and jerky approach towards solving your problems. Determine the specific underlying causes of your problems. Diligently implement solutions that address […]

Time Waster?

I came across an article recently that listed the following as time wasters: Watching TV Online Social Networking – Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Playing Video Games. Are they really time wasters? Well, for someone like me, they are not! I mean, think of how my work and ministry has been impacted and built up by Twitter.. […]

Human Opinion is Plastic 3

My blog posts this week have been focused on the subject of human opinion and I’ve consistently stated that human opinion is plastic.  What people think of you does not matter as much as what you think of yourself. You can click on the following links for a quick look at what we’ve covered so […]

Human Opinion is Plastic

During my early twenties, I reached the conclusion that human opinion is plastic, in other words, it’s not something to build on. Ultimately, what others think about you doesn’t really count as much as what you think about yourself.  It doesn’t matter who they are – spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends, well wishers, colleagues, critics, […]

How much are you really worth?

In other words, if it were possible to place all the wealth and resources of this entire universe on a scale in comparison to you, your intrinsic worth will outweigh them all! Your worth is absolutely incalculable. Your value is higher than the value of the entire material universe because you are worth the life of God Himself! Discover yourself!

Self Discovery

In this day of peer pressure, trends, and fads, you need to realize and protect your unique identity. This is not an easy task. It’s a daily, minute by minute battle. Courageously choose and determine to accept and be the person God has made you to be. Tap into the originality and creative genius of God in your life. Discover yourself today, and start achieving your own personal success.

Yes, you have a mission!

‘Who you are’ is one and the same with ‘why you are’; the two can never be separated! It is clear then that you don’t determine or define yourself, you discover yourself.

No man can tell you whether you are successful or not; you are your own judge on the matter. If you need another person to tell you whether or not you’ve been successful, then that success is hollow and empty. True personal success is a subjective experience that can only be validated by a deep and abiding inner joy and happiness within you.

9 Very Inspiring Benefits of Blogging

I’ve been blogging now for just about 7 months, but am already enjoying several benefits. Here are is a brief list of 9 very inspiring benefits I’ve derived so far from blogging: Expanded opportunities for service and influence #1. I’ve had the privilege of reaching and serving tens of thousands of readers from over 70 […]