As The Ocean

Hello Blissfuls! 💕 Today is Financial Favour Friday, and here’s a vision the Holy Spirit gave me for myself and His Blissfuls: You are vast and stretch beyond the horizon; beyond what the eyes can see. You are unlimited, limitless and inexhaustible. The heavens, the earth and all of creation take from you. Yet, the […]

A Bright And Shining Light In A Dark And Selfish World

If you have the Holy Spirit in you, it means you possess the power to be a Jesus martyr! In other words, the power to stand for God no matter the cost.

The Only One You Should Be Attached To

He is the only one that truly knows why you are here. He is the only one that can lead you to your own personal success in destiny.

Who Are These Blissful People?

I know that many, even among us, are wondering, who are these Blissful People? And what are they up to? Is it a church or what? Is it a ministry? Well, let’s get some answers.So, pay attention and learn. First of all, we’re not a ministry, and we’re not building one. I wouldn’t even describe […]