Rule Your Day!

Key To Greatness 2: Dispense Mercy (By Accommodating Imperfection)

To grow and walk in greatness, we must learn to not only interface with 'gold and silver', but also with broken and dishonorable 'wood and clay'.

Key To Greatness 1: Receive (God’s) Mercy

No one can make it without the help and permission of God.

Receive The Help Of The Lord!

You are being lifted. Every crippling condition is loosing its hold on you.

Receive A Fresh Oil!

May every difficulty, friction, and roughness in your life give way.

You Are Enough!

Regardless of what life's thrown at you, rejoice. Don't throw away your confident trust in God. Your 'enoughness' come from Him.

Increase Your Fruitfulness (4): Use Your Lamp

Allow the word of God to decide your thoughts, actions and expectations.

Increase Your Fruitfulness (3): Love God, Not Pleasure

Love for God causes the word of God to produce in your life effortlessly.

Increase Your Fruitfulness (2): Shun Mammon!

Make good use of the things of this world without becoming attached to them.

Increase Your Fruitfulness (1): Cast Your Cares On The Lord

Worries create a toxic atmosphere for God's word. Cast your anxieties on the Lord and you will increase your fruitfulness.

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