Greatness attracts criticisms

Don’t try to please everybody. First of all, you can’t. Secondly, that’s a recipe for certain failure and frustration. Thirdly, you’ll go crazy. Don’t live your life trying to get everyone to like and compliment your efforts; thats a formula for a life of misery and frustration. I don’t care how good or experienced anyone is, you must reserve your right to dismiss their so-called expert opinions. Expertise has often been a mask for arrogant ignorance.

Transcend all religious uniformities!

Take hold of your own mind. Think for yourself – think your own thoughts. Be transformed – in other words, escape the mold of religious uniformity that stifles all variations. Yes, transcend all religious uniformities!
Cherish your own unique perspectives of spiritual realities and truths, embrace them with courage, express them without fear, and yet have the humility to recognize and learn from others who might differ from you.

Enjoy Your Own Success

Learn to enjoy your own success. To become more successful, and particularly without much stress and exertion, you need emotional energy – enthusiasm, passion, drive, and excitement. When you lack this emotional energy, it becomes extremely difficult to achieve what I call sweatless success – success without stress. An energetic, passionate, excited, and positive attitude […]

Woman Discover Yourself! (Part 3)

When you as a woman, discover yourself and experience the courage and empowerment that comes from beholding your original design and destiny:

  1. Personal success and significant achievements become inevitable.
  2. It becomes your personal responsibility to take the necessary steps to recover your rightful place in creation.