Optimizing Your Leadership Performance

This article is from my weekly lectures [on the subjects of leadership development, optimization, and productivity] delivered at the Leadership Forum of our church. It is of particular relevance to home church pastors, group leaders, and Christian business leaders. The present post is a continuation of last week’s Become an Astute Leader. My primary emphasis […]

The Magic Essence of Personal Success

Enduring personal success is the eventual consequence of doing so many things – both big and small – right over a protracted period of time. Its an accumulation, a convergence in time, of several consistent (as opposed to random and erratic) success actions.

Fortune Favours The Bold

This week’s home church meeting was entertaining as members gathered. Quite a number had experienced success in their professional exams, and we all celebrated as they recounted their testimonies. We then delved into the day’s discussion – a beautiful story in I Samuel 13:16-14:15 about boldness. We saw Jonathan, the royal prince, attempting to take […]