4 Simple Steps To Boost Your Productivity and Become A Happier Person.

Are you overwhelmed by your pile of daily chores? Are you regularly depressed by the disorder, and chaos that characterize your life? Do you feel useless and unproductive? Do you want an easy and simple way to boost your productivity and become a happier person? Well, here’s a simple 4-step solution for you. ENJOY!

The Principle of Personal Responsibility

Wow!  Our Church service yesterday morning was awesome.  The presentations from the various home churches were very inspiring and entertaining, just as the pastors promised in their last week’s reports.  The presentations were so good, and the service so interesting and refreshing that I decided I’ll be including reports on them in these Monday posts […]

Overcoming The Need To Influence Others

History’s greatest influencers have always been those who overcame their need to influence and control others. These are men and women who have beheld the realities behind the various forms that embody truth. They understand themselves, they are at home with themselves and secure in who they are. They do not need anyone’s acceptance or approval to determine their worth and happiness. They are free!

Unconditional Love 2

There is nothing like unconditional love. If it ever appears to exist, its nothing more than irresponsibility, deceit, and sheer hypocrisy. Not even God practices it. Unconditional love (if there’s anything like that) is evil…The idea of unconditional love is an illusion for lazy and indolent minds. The reality of eternal love is that its conditional.

Time Accelerators 2

In the next 3000 years, a lot of what we’ll refer to as miracles today would be done by humans as a normal part of their daily living. The difference will lie in the fact that they’ll have acquired greater awareness and understanding of the universal laws of life and existence. 50 years from now, some of the things we do in weeks and months, will be accomplished in a matter of seconds as a result of greater knowledge of the underlying designs and mysteries of life.