Personal Responsibility

Just Laugh-5

Laughter and joy are filling your heart today as the Holy Spirit renews your strength.

Rejoice Anyway!-4

Choose to rejoice no matter what today and you will rise in the strength of the Spirit.

His Joy Is Your Strength-3

Joy is a powerful way to tap into the supernatural strength of the Spirit!

Your Strength Comes From God-2

It’s very important to know where your strength comes from. Humble yourself today and receive His strength.

Strength In The Day Of Adversity-1

It’s not how big the problem is, but how big is your strength?

Persistence Is Key To Breakthrough!

The key to breakthrough is persistence in prayer. Today I’m sent here to encourage you to not give up on prayer.

What’s On Your Scroll?

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what is written on your scroll.

The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail!

The gates of hell shall not prevail in your life!

Don’t Cook The Mango

When you wait on the Lord things are way sweeter than if you cook the mango.

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