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Personal Responsibility

God is the constant, you are the variable; so, what you do matters.

Set The Lord Always Before You

So many things are attacking your focus. You need to set the Lord always before you. As you do you will be filled with joy.

#PrayerConnect 2020 – RELOADED!

oOnline prophetic prayers, bible studies, spiritual retreats, miracle ministrations, online deliverance services, in-depth teaching of God’s words and a whole lot more.

Working With God’s Schedule

Submission and patient are extremely important in the journey of faith.

God Will Multiply Your Channels

You are beloved of God. He loves you more than you can ever imagine. And He will take good care of you this year.

Participate In The Divine Nature

Can you dare to believe?

Choose To Do The Will Of God

Where He guides He will provide

God Does Not Show Favoritism

Receive this message today in your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to help you make the right decisions in every detail of your life.

Raising God-Seekers

The role of parents.

The Kingdom Of God 4

The Mustard Seed.

The Kingdom Of God 3

The need for patience.

The Kingdom Of God 1

An introduction.

Beware Of Poisonous Advice

Beware of poisonous advice. Beware of agents of Satan who pretend to be your friends, and then give you bad advice that...

In The Hands Of God

Pay careful attention to this prophetic parable. It’s for the wise.

Choose To Press Forward

Don't make excuses.

In The Middle Of The Garden

God has blessed you with a tremendous power. You have the power to choose.

Learn To Live With Less

It’s time to lay aside every weight and simplify your life. That way you can glide effortlessly into health and abundance.

You Will Arise And You Will Shine

God has you here so this world can be brightened and sweetened by your life.

Do Not Neglect Your Faith

This is how to build up your faith. Very simple.

Don’t Limit God!

Contend For The Faith