How To Experience The Miracle of Metamorphosis

You don’t need to improve what you look like; you need to see what you look like. Because when you see what you truly look like, you don’t try anymore. Self-improvement becomes unnecessary. You experience metamorphosis. As I wrote in ‘You Just Need To Discover Yourself’ when you encounter your true self, you will not want […]

My Parents Were Excellent Reflectors

My mum made me feel as though I was the only perfect child. In fact, she kept saying that if every child was like me, then she would have had twenty children!

Your Circumstances Are Powerful Psychological Reflectors

It might interest you to know that your circumstances are powerful psychological reflectors. The things that go on around you can paint a picture of who you apparently are.

Parents Are Powerful Reflectors

No matter how old you are, the words of your parents to you in your childhood will continue to play back in your mind. They invariably contribute to forming your self-image.