Personal Metamorphosis

‘Ye are gods’ describes you. You are more than your gifts and talents. Dare to go beyond yourself.

Your Womb Just Opened!

You’re going to have your baby this year!

Matters Of The HEART: Abiding

Abiding in His presence is resting in Him. God desires us to rest in Him and He rest in us. I will discuss how you can abide in Him and bear fruit.

Receive Favour In Jesus Name!

Have you experienced the power of the Favour Handshake yet? It's absolutely life-changing!

God Will Fill Your Life With Happenings!

Happiness is connected to happenings. No happenings, no happiness.

Matters Of The HEART: Humility

Humility causes your heart to be good soil so that you may be fruitful. In a humble heart Gods Word will thrive. Let Him heal your heart today.

If Two Of Us On Earth Agree

If you will leave your prayer request in the comment, I will continue to pray over them till God answers them. ??

Listen To Your Heart And Feel His Words

Then speak them out loud over your life.

The Eternal Life In You Is Forever

Do not be afraid of sickness, premature death, or any of the activities of your enemies.

Strong Roots Bear Fruit: Thanksgiving

In order to enjoy success and be fruitful in life, you must have an atmosphere of thanksgiving. Without thanksgiving every godly root will die.

Expect New Opportunities From God

Don’t allow worry and fear to fill your thoughts.

Jesus Is Not Interested In The Blame Game

God is merely setting you up to show His favor and goodness through you.

Strong Roots Bear Fruit: Obedience

Obedience is a vital key to our spiritual growth. It is one of the things that causes our ROOTS to bear fruit.

Strong Roots Bear Fruit; Orientation

The orientation of our mind decides if we bear fruit or not. We need the Spirit to renew our minds to think like God so we will bear fruit.

You Will Not Die!

God created you to fulfill a unique and special purpose.

Your Healing Will Quickly Appear

Be completely healed in every area of your life in Jesus Name!

Strong Roots Bear Fruit

Do you want to bear fruit? I do too! The Lord has shown me how to bear fruit. Roots are extraordinarily vital in order to bear fruit.

Ask Rev: Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayer Faster?

“Dear God, it’s about time. If you really exist, please show yourself to me. I’m very serious.“

Are You Under Pressure To Get Married?

Are you desperately in search of the right mate for marriage?

You Have Received The Holy Spirit

He will help you to enjoy the love and favours of God on this earth.

I Feel Very Good About This Year

God has designed and prepared many good things for you this year.

Don’t Limit God!

Contend For The Faith