Personal Metamorphosis

‘Ye are gods’ describes you. You are more than your gifts and talents. Dare to go beyond yourself.

You Are An Inspiration of the Almighty— Time To Unlock Your Identity!

The world is waiting for you to discover yourself. As you do you become an inspiration and assist in unlocking their identity as well.

Expect Mysterious And Unimaginable Breakthroughs!

All of your expectations are too little compared to what the Holy Spirit is about to do in your life.

Get Ready, God Is Unveiling You!

Get ready, God is Unveiling you to the world. You are His seed that He has planted. All will see your fruit and be nourished.

Raise Your Level Of Expectancy!

All that God wants for you is available and possible through the name of Jesus.

God Is About To Rock Your World With An Amazing Miracle!

Things you never thought were possible will begin to happen in your life.

Fruit Of Faith

God wants to be seen through your life. He does this through faith. Your faith is the fruit of your life. What exactly is faith and how do you get it?

This Is A Special Season Of Laughter For You!

God has sent laughter into your life at this time. Receive it now and rejoice!

Be Fruitful And Multiply

God is not happy when you are not fruitful and neither are you! He desires to increase you and for you to walk in abundance!

Oh Lord, Remember Me In The Days Of My Youth

Do it while I’m still young, so I can enjoy it for a long time, and bless as many as possible with it for a long time too.

It’s All In The Surrender

The two shall become one is actually showing us a deeper understanding of our relationship with Christ. It’s through your surrender that you multiply.

Dear Very Young Single Mom

An open personal letter to all the young single moms among my Beautiful People.

Walk In Your Distinction

It’s time to break out of the mold. To walk in the unknown and unlock your identity. Recieve the courage to walk in your distinction!

You Are An Expression Of The Invisible God

Once you know your Source then you will begin to discover who you are. You are an expression of the invisbile God in the earth.

The Holy Spirit Loves Adventures!

And he desires to take you to new places!

It’s Time To EXPAND!

God is bringing you out of the small tent of thinking to gaze upon the great expanse of His possibilities for your life. It’s Time to EXPAND!

Your Source Matters

Your source matters. It’s important for you to define and be aware of it, it is the foundation of your existance and life.

I Don’t Know Where I’m Going

But I know Who I’m following.

You Must Die In Order To Multiply

You are a seed and God has planted you. Be encouraged something is happening. You will bear fruit! You must die before you can multiply.

Receive your healing right now!

Be free from pain right now in the name of Jesus Christ!

Do You Desire To Please God?

That’s because the Holy Spirit lives in you.

Know Your Value

I Will Help You!

We Will Not Fear