May The Love Of The Holy Spirit Immunize You Against All Offenses in Jesus Name!

Let nothing get in the way of your prayers and your destiny.

One And Twenty Days Of Prayer Connect!

Something that belongs to you, released in the heavenlies a while ago, but withstood by powerful spiritual principalities, is coming through this moment!

The 5 Basic Principles Of Prayer Connect For Blissful People (#4)

Be very clear about what you want. Then keep it single, simple, short, straightforward, and sharp.

Season Three Of Prayer Connect 2019 Is Starting Tomorrow!

The third season of Prayer Connect for 2019 is starting tomorrow, August 31. Tomorrow morning, I will go live on Facebook at 11:00am UTC+01 to lead Blissful People in prayers, and to pull the Favour of the Holy Spirit on us. The theme for this season of Prayer Connect is ‘RELENTLESS’. It comes from the […]

Expect A Powerful Miracle In Your Life Today That Will Shame God’s Enemies In Your Life!

Please, are there any #Amen people left on this planet that truly believe in God and miracles?