Personal Freedom

Persistence Is Key To Breakthrough!

The key to breakthrough is persistence in prayer. Today I’m sent here to encourage you to not give up on prayer.

No More Limitations!

Today Holy Spirit is here to help you throw off every limitation that has held you back so you can move forward.

Welcome To 2022

Prophetic messages and prayers for 2022.

Practicing Love

To forgive is divine.

Teach Us To Pray (4): Forgiveness Is Key

Hold on to that offence no longer.

Teach Us To Pray (3): Don’t Think About Tomorrow

Receive everything you need today.

You Won’t Eat Pain You Didn’t Cook

You are protected from the consequences of relational sins.

No Other God (2): I Saved You

The great deliverer is My name.

No Other God (1): I Predicted Your Rescue

Your time and season is in My hands.

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