Intimacy With God

Key To Greatness 1: Receive (God’s) Mercy

No one can make it without the help and permission of God.

Receive The Help Of The Lord!

You are being lifted. Every crippling condition is loosing its hold on you.

Receive A Fresh Oil!

May every difficulty, friction, and roughness in your life give way.

You Are Enough!

Regardless of what life's thrown at you, rejoice. Don't throw away your confident trust in God. Your 'enoughness' come from Him.

Your Time Has Come!

May your joy be made whole.

Expect Angelic Deliverance!

The same God that brought Peter out of the prison, with all the barriers, is set to deliver you!

May You Never Lose Your Wonder

Awe and wonder make room for miracles in your life. Get ready for Him to blow your mind again.

Expect A Turnaround!

The odds are in your favour.

Your Experiences Don’t Define You

You are who God says you are.

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