Blissful People Have Been Chosen And Marked For A Strange Level Of Financial Prosperity And Favours

This is why He poured out this grace of giving upon us and gave us the opportunity of Favour Friday.

Trust God Beyond Yourself

Expect a phenomenal experience.Something that will soon change your life.It will change everything. If you can feel those opening words burning in your heart, then rejoice. For this word is meant for you. You will go to a place you have never been before.To a People you have never known.They will look up to you.And […]

When We Connect Our Limited Humanity With His Unlimited Divinity, Extraordinary Miracles Happen!

Yield completely to the Holy Spirit right now. See Him take that limitation of yours and transform it into a world-shaking miracle!

Because Of The Help Of The Holy Spirit You Will Begin To Enjoy An Abundant Rain Of Favours!

You will not miss your place in this abundant rain of favour. Your place in it is secure. Nothing will steal your testimony. Yes, you will testify.