Personal Success

Your personal success is your topmost influence and evangelism tool.

Imitate God

When you imitate God, when you do things His way, you get His results!

Open Up Your Heart To The Spirit Of Abundance

Expect the light of our Heavenly Father to shine on you today!

Are You Under Pressure To Get Married?

Are you desperately in search of the right mate for marriage?

Renew Your Deeds In Our Lives, Oh Lord.

You will not be a spectator. You will be a partaker. God’s precious promises will find expression in your life.

It’s A Waste Of Time

The gang up against you is a complete waste of time. God will openly save you.

The Money Motive Poisons

Don’t see work as a means to put food on the table, because that’s the wrong attitude. It is a poisonous attitude. You poison your work with the money motive.

Your Family is A Gift from God

Your family is an important gift from God to help you fulfill your mission. God wants you to have a successful family, and to leave a legacy.

How To Experience Inner Strength

When you are faithful in prayer, God supplies inner strength to you. It is this strength that then enables you to overcome the tough challenges of life.

Crisis Is An Opportunity.

Don’t let the crisis get you down, allow the Spirit to lift you higher as you see it as an opportunity to see God!

Flow In The River Of Life

Dryness will give way to freshness. Everything will live and thrive again.

God Has Something Great Around The Corner For You

Put your hope in God today, and you will certainly not be put to shame.

God Will Be Gracious To You

He is wrapping His arms of love and mercy around you.

Pre-marital Guidance and Counselling

To have a successful marriage, choose someone whose principles and values are identical to yours. A godly home becomes possible when both spouses are firmly established in God’s ways.

It’s not enough to be faithful; you must be fruitful

The first instruction programmed by the divine word into the human spirit and consciousness is 'Be fruitful'.

From Debt to Surplus IV

Consciously surround yourself with people whose attitudes are more in alignment with the financial habits you seek to cultivate.