Personal Success

Your personal success is your topmost influence and evangelism tool.

You Are One With God(1): Factory Reset

Today recieve a factory reset so that you can get a new download from the Spirit.

Don’t Let The Hurt Cripple You

Jesus said that offences must come. However, you can choose to allow the hurt to make you bitter, or you can decide that the pain will not cripple you.

Thoughts Matter (3): To The Pure All Things Are Pure

Everything comes from God and is sustained by God. You profit from everyting when you can see God in everything.

Prayer That Works (3): Praying In The Spirit

This takes prayer to a whole new level.

This Happens When The Holy Spirit Is Active In Your Life (5): Become More...

Being led by the Holy Spirit makes you a Son. And it is sons that manifest God's realities on the earth.

Very Soon You Will Rejoice And Testify!

Because the Sovereign Lord helps you, you will not be disgraced.

Receive This Prophecy Of Favour


According to God’s word of favour, you will experience progress and breakthrough in diverse aspects of your life in this season.

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40s – Your Decade Of Expansion


The decade of 40s is a time to multiply what you solidified in your 30s. Things begin to be less about you, and more about others.

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Break Me So You Can Use Me

Say this prayer and yield to the Holy Spirit.

Let God’s Will Prevail

Because in time, you will thank Him for it.
Rev Wildfire Praying.

Let Every Fantasy Spell In Your Life Be Shattered Forever In Jesus Name!

May God give you real solid blessings in those areas of your life that you need it. In Jesus Name.

Was it Moses that Introduced Tithing?

The giving of tithes did not originate with Moses on Mount Sinai; it did not come through the Law. Abraham gave a tithe of all nearly 500 years before the law of Moses.

Your 30s – Your Decade Of Establishment


Your 30s is the decade of consolidation. It is a time to fortify all the different areas of your life that you have already started up.

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Free To Be You

Learn to be authentic. It is for freedom that Christ has set you free. So protect your personal freedom, and stop trying to impress others.The post Free To Be You appeared first on Wildfire Daily.

You Are Healed(4): Health Is Prosperity.

Divine health is prosperity. God wants you to prosper in all areas of your life especially your healing

Your Distinction Is In Your Distinction

Your distinction is in your distinction. If you want to be distinguished, and have experiences that are not common, then stop being common. Guard yourself against worldliness.

Don’t Hang Out With Mockers

Don’t hang out with those who mock God. Choose to stand apart in the world, and walk in your divine distinction.

I Will Enjoy Sweetness Without Sweats!

To eat your food by the sweat of your brow is not a good thing; it's a curse. As a matter of fact, it was not so in the very beginning.

Now, Your Daily Bread Comes From The Father

Under the blessing of Jesus Christ, your daily provisions comes from God; as a supply from your heavenly Father.

I Don’t Know Where I’m Going

But I know Who I’m following.