Personal Success

Your personal success is your topmost influence and evangelism tool.

Sin Slows You Down

Sin attacks your speed, and slows down your rate of success. Sin prevents you from achieving results at the time that they matter.

Connect with Your Family

Family is a destiny provision by God for your assignment. Discover what that assignment is and use it as a basis for connecting with your family.

A Secret To Bliss

Life is full of highs and lows. But Holy Spirit wants to teach you a secret to bliss in any situation or circumstance life may throw your way.

Your Mind Has To Be Renewed

When you get born-again, God’s righteousness resides in your spirit, not in your mind, or body. So you have to renew your mind in the ways of God.

Now, Your Daily Bread Comes From The Father

Under the blessing of Jesus Christ, your daily provisions comes from God; as a supply from your heavenly Father.

I AM… (3): Your Life

Without Her you can do nothing.

Pray for The Salvation of Your Family

Spend time and pray for the salvation of your family members, if they are not saved. The salvation of your family members ought to matter to you.

There Is Hope For You (1)

Your hope will not be deferred. Your desires will be fulfilled. God is set to give you a come back.

Come Boldly! (2): Adopt The Posture of Grace

Change your posture to find grace and gain unlimited access to mysteries for blissful living.

Use Your Hands And Lips For God

Offer your hands and lips to God as instruments of righteousness. Avoid using your hands to fight, or using your lips to make promises that you don’t keep.

Expect Mysterious And Unimaginable Breakthroughs!

All of your expectations are too little compared to what the Holy Spirit is about to do in your life.

Hello, I Am Holy Spirit(3):Your Guide

Holy Spirit wants you to know Him as your Guide today. Read what He has to say to you. Let Him take full control.

Pray To Grow In These 3 Key Areas

At this season, God wants you to work on these three key aspects of personal development: a godly character, a strong devotional life, and an established family devotional culture.

Whatever You Say Will Be Used Against You

The amazing realities ushered in through Jesus’ death manifest in your life through what you say. Because whatever you say will be used against, or for you.

11. Learn To Spend Quality Time With Yourself

Cultivate the habit of spending time with yourself. As you do this, you will experience self-discovery, and true transformation will characterize your experiences.

What We Believe

We believe that you are a unique variety of divinity.


Receive uncommon wisdom. Receive fingers that easily makes profits.

Join The Home Church Movement!

Our home church movement is growing rapidly. This is a campaign that the church of God should be in people’s homes. And every man should be the pastor of his family.

Throw Off That Sin That Easily Entangles

To pursue the righteousness of God, you have to avoid sin. As a Christian, sin ruins your walk with God; so throw off that sin that easily entangles.

Congratulations Nigeria!

First of all, I acknowledge the sacrifices of all those who were killed by evil forces as they tried to exercise their civil rights...