Personal Success

Your personal success is your topmost influence and evangelism tool.

What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight

In order to recover all that you have lost, all that satan has stolen from you, you must begin by renewing your mind to line up with God’s sense of value.

Manifesting Abundance

How God gives is a very significant attribute of what He gives, and this is the manifestation His abundance; it is also the only way to manifest abundance.

Celebrate and Use Your Stones

You do not need the size of Goliath, or the strength of his armory in order to defeat him in the battles of life. You are a giant in your own rights with your own unique set of shock and awe-inspiring weapons.

3 Very Simple Steps To Deploy Your Talent In The Marketplace

God gifted you for the common good; for the good of others. You were gifted to bless.

Where to Deploy Your Talent I

The excellent expression of your talent in God's house for His glory, is the seed of the success of that talent anywhere else.

How To Develop Your Talent

The development of your talent is too important to be left to chance. Invest time, energy, and money to fan your talent into raging flame that transforms your world.

How To Know What Your Main Talent Is


9 Things you should know about your talent.

How to Use the Name of Jesus

It is not enough to acknowledge the power in Jesus name;learn to put that power to use. This post shows you how.

New is not always better

Success is often hidden in the monotonous and boring, which is why only few find it.

Do It Again!

Do it again: Sometimes, your actions fail at a certain time because of hostile circumstances. If, however, you repeat the same actions under a different set of circumstances, you are stunned by the result.

Work Hard on Your Giving


A 7-point helpful guide on how to work hard at your offering in order to increase your capacity to receive from God.

Use The Right Key

"I’ve done everything I can and nothing is working. Why?"

My Unique and Personal Inheritance in God

As these wealth forms passed by, however, I began to notice a sparkling white mountain glowing beyond them in the distant horizon. It was like a mountain of pure dazzling white snow. The top of the mountain was capped with gorgeous gold.

How to Multiply the Little that You Have

God never promised to operate in accordance with your finances, but rather in accordance to your faith.

Three Keys to Success from the Master Himself

Jesus did not succeed just because He was God in the flesh; He succeeded because He applied the principles of diligence, commitment, focus, and tenacity to His mission.

So, your success is in your mouth!

So, wise people normally allow themselves to lose the arguments of life so that they can win the resources, opportunities, and positions of life.

The Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

"May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all." (2 Corinthians 13:14).

Lucky, or Diligent?

The intercourse between wisdom and diligence produces an offspring called luck

What to do when you feel stagnant and frustrated

How to sustain robust self-confidence, neutralize crippling negative feelings, and boost your capacity to realize your dreams.