Personal Success

Your personal success is your topmost influence and evangelism tool.

Jesus Came Into This World To Empower Us

Jesus came into this world to empower us through His life and death on the Cross. With faith in God and through your divinity, all things are possible for you.

Expect Mysterious And Unimaginable Breakthroughs!

All of your expectations are too little compared to what the Holy Spirit is about to do in your life.

The Mystery Of The First II

To achieve tremendous success, realize that being the first is often more important than being the best. If you want to accelerate your level of personal success, be the first.

Forbes List is not God’s List

That you are the richest man, according to Forbes, doesn't make you so in God's eyes. Success in God is not a matter of scale and size.

Don’t Fall For This Very Effective Trick

The devil is able to capture a time-frame in your life when things are not going quite well for you, and twist it to your disadvantage.

Don’t Follow The Ways Of The World

If you want to walk in your divine distinction, you must not walk in the counsel of the wicked, or stand in the way of sinners.

Some Of Us Have No Friends


If you want to build lasting relationships, package to repel; that’s a proven way to attract only those who are drawn to your essence.

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Work Is Godly

If you are God's child, then, just like your Father, and Jesus Christ, find your work and get on with it.

Let The Power Of Christ Rest On You

Your strength disqualifies you for the grace of God. Boast in your weaknesses and let the power of God rest on you.

You Are Born To Rule

You are programmed for increase, greatness, and dominion.

Learn To Love Your Assignments

The first attitude you must develop towards your work is love. Learn to love your assignments. And pray each day that the Father will plant in your heart a passionate love for your assignment.

God’s Got You, Always.

That you've run out of options does not mean that the Lord has run out of options. He is the God of endless possibilities.

True Riches 2: The Path To True Riches

Brokenness, surrender, and honour to God, is the path to true riches.

Don’t Seek Your Strength In Numbers


Wisdom makes a single man more powerful than ten rulers in a city. So, don’t seek your strength in numbers; seek it in wisdom.

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God Will Protect You

You will be happy and successful.

CHOOSE JOY! (2) Own It.

Today you must choose to own your happiness. Take back the power you have given to others. Choose joy!

Seeding Your Recovery

Whatever you want to have, make it happen for another

Prosperity Is Certainly Coming

This is how to ensure that you see and experience it when it shows up.

You Are One With God(1): Factory Reset

Today recieve a factory reset so that you can get a new download from the Spirit.

God Is Upgrading You!(3)

Today you will begin to flow with the river of the Spirit into the new He has for you!