Personal Success

Your personal success is your topmost influence and evangelism tool.

Quiet Your Soul And Listen.

Today as you pour your heart out to the Lord make sure to listen for His whisper that will bring a powerful solution.

No More Forms Of Godliness Without Power!

Today you will release the fire of God against every powerless form of godliness in your life and move forward by the Spirit.

Don’t Mind How It Looks

Instead, look beyond the obvious to see what others don’t see.

Receive Results That Change Human Opinion

The negative tide is overturned. It’s your time for divine visitation.

You Are Born To Rule

You are programmed for increase, greatness, and dominion.

Beyond Your Imagination

Your imagination is limited to what you have seen, heard, or experienced. Don't let it limit you, because God is bound to exceed it.

Let Your Substance Shine Through

Because, you are perfect like Jesus.

Stay In Your Bubble

Guide your mind and body.

Unlearn To Relearn

What you know is hindering what you should know. Let it go.

You Need To See!

As impartation will follow.

Your Divinity Will Thrive!

Be encouraged and sustained by grace.

Keep At It!

If it doesn’t happen the first time, listen again and repeat. It will surely come to pass.

NOW Is Activated In Your Life

You are holding your miracles and celebrating your testimonies.

Receive Strategic Instructions That Save

Keep your ears open to hear and your heart ready to receive.

Do Not Back Down!

Jesus died for the right for you to be who the Source God created you to be. So Do NOT back down. Be strengthened today.

You Will Laugh!

It's your season of laughter and elevation! You will excel where others failed.

Thoughts Matter (5): Think Pure Thoughts

Your life flows in the direction of your dominant thoughts. So, let your thoughts work for you, not against you.

Thoughts Matter (4) : Your Thoughts Decide Your Experiences

Your thoughts and your words must be in sync to create bliss for you.

Thoughts Matter (3): To The Pure All Things Are Pure

Everything comes from God and is sustained by God. You profit from everyting when you can see God in everything.

Thoughts Matter (2) : Thoughts Create Opportunities

Your thoughts become things. Think only what you want.