Personal Success

Your personal success is your topmost influence and evangelism tool.

Think More In Terms Of Leaving An Enduring Legacy

As you look ahead this year, I want to encourage you to walk in the footsteps of Elijah. Think more in terms of lasting relevance, long-term impact, lasting influence and leave an enduring legacy as you fulfill your God-given mission.

Prayerlessness Leads to Desperation

You will panic and become desperate in the face of challenges, if you don’t pray. You only break the vicious cycle of panic, desperation, and compromise through prayer.

You Are A Sign And Wonder

You were created for so much more than an ordinary life. You are for signs and wonders!

Your Help Is From Above

When you understand that your help comes from the Lord, and you trust in Him to help you in His way and His time, then your blessings will flow forth from the Spirit.

Mind Your Body And Your Family

God did not only give you a mission, he also prepared a family of people whom he gifted to assist you in that assignment. Focus on your relationships with these people.

Turn to God

Intimacy with God is key to experiencing fulfillment. As you cultivate intimacy with God, the Holy Spirit guides you to what is truly important and struggles vanish from your life.

Dominate Your Challenges

God’s Spirit is working powerfully in you.

Make It Early and Private

Make your daily devotion strong and powerful by having it early in the morning and in a place where you are assured of privacy.

Extensions Of Your Relationship With God

You must realize that ministry, family, business, career and other endeavors in the world fall into the category of extensions of your relationship with God and your service to God.The post Extensions Of Your Relationship With God appeared first on Wil...

9. Your Humanity Is A Gift From God

Your humanity with all its imperfections is a gift from God to you. So learn to accept yourself and be grateful to God.

God Has Something Great Around The Corner For You

Put your hope in God today, and you will certainly not be put to shame.

Let Your Guilt Drive You To The Throne Of Mercy

As a child of God, preserve your guilt. Guilt is healthy as long as it does not drive you to self-condemnation; as long as it drives you to God.

The Rock Holds You

God is your refuge in times of trouble. Trust in His ability to deliver you from every storm that comes your way.

You No Longer Have To Sweat To Eat

I'm aware of the unfortunate fact that most people on this planet still view the phrase 'no sweat no sweet' as normal.

Lucky, or Diligent?

The intercourse between wisdom and diligence produces an offspring called luck

Pray For Inner Peace and Strength

Being faithful in prayer is the key to great inner peace and divine strength to surmount the tough challenges of your life.

Hold Fast To God’s Promises

Keep God's promises in front of you. Do not let your circumstances decide for you, and you will emerge victorious.

Who Do You Attend To First?

Tithing to God should come first with respect to your income as a Christian. In that way, you demonstrate your love and honor for God by putting Him first.

You Gain!

Not only does this keep your blessings flowing, more doors will begin to open for you.

Daily, Let Your Work Reflect God’s Wisdom

Your works should stir up praise for God.Then as creation see your works, they are awed by the wisdom of God they behold, and they praise God.