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Your personal success is your topmost influence and evangelism tool.

You Already Have Everything


You already have everything you need to become who you were designed to be in eternity, time, and space; they are already built into the life in you.

Now, Your Daily Bread Comes From The Father

Under the blessing of Jesus Christ, your daily provisions comes from God; as a supply from your heavenly Father.

Strong Roots Bear Fruit: Relationships

If you learn how to have strong relationships you will do well in your life and be successful. Part of your spiritual roots is strong relationships.

Why Are You Here?

It is impossible to be truly successful if you are not connected to your Source; and if you have no idea why He sent you here.

This Is The Root Of Corruption

We no longer value righteousness in our societies and churches; thus, corruption abounds. When we start to see righteousness as a treasure, then corruption will disappear from our societies.

What Inspires You?

I asked my wife this question last night. We were reviewing the content of my sermon on Sunday which was on the subject of self...

Greatness attracts criticisms


Don't try to please everybody. First of all, you can't. Secondly, that's a recipe for certain failure and frustration. Thirdly, you'll go crazy. Don't live your life trying to get everyone to like and compliment your efforts; thats a formula for a life of misery and frustration. I don't care how good or experienced anyone is, you must reserve your right to dismiss their so-called expert opinions. Expertise has often been a mask for arrogant ignorance.

Your Best Days Are Ahead

The LORD will do great things.

Insincerity Leads To Marital Delays

Insincerity leads to marital delays. Decide what you want regarding the choice of a marriage partner, and take responsibility for the consequences of that choice.The post Insincerity Leads To Marital Delays appeared first on Wildfire Daily.

You Can Live A Sinless Life In A Sinful World

You can live a holy life in a sinful world. You have God’s nature in you; you can and should live a life that is free from sin.

3 Very Simple Steps To Deploy Your Talent In The Marketplace

God gifted you for the common good; for the good of others. You were gifted to bless.

Adversities are opportunities

Are you going through a season of adversities right now? I can imagine that times are quite hard at the moment...bills to be paid, outstanding...

Live Your Best Life

Our home church meetings have now become so exciting we just can't wait for the next one!

Learn To Celebrate Other People’s Successes

Learn to celebrate other people’s successes. That way, envy will lose any grip it has on your heart. And also you attract whatever you sincerely celebrate.

Why is it easier to think negatively?

In the article, "Conquering Your Internal Critic So You Can Sing Your Own Song" posted on http://www.inspiremetoday.com , Jack N. Singer, Ph.D. Professional Psychologist,...

People Will Soon Call You The Luckiest!

An explosion of God’s favour is about to happen in your life.

You Just Need to Discover Yourself

When you encounter your true self, you will not want to add or subtract from it. There’ll be no need to. You’ll simply celebrate it!

Do It Again!

Do it again: Sometimes, your actions fail at a certain time because of hostile circumstances. If, however, you repeat the same actions under a different set of circumstances, you are stunned by the result.

Giving that outlasts time

To live is to give, to keep giving, and never stop giving... The impact and legacy we leave behind for posterity and all humanity is dependent solely on what we give.

The Secret of Champions

Champions fight the battles of life from their area of strength.

Don’t Limit God!