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Personal Success

Your personal success is your topmost influence and evangelism tool.

I AM… (1): Your Word

She reveals your essence in Him and directs you aright.

Key To Perfect Peace

Don't chase shadows. Peace is an effect. Go for the cause.

Produce Good Fruit

Help us oh Lord. Apart from you we can do nothing.

How To Eliminate Wants From Your Life

When you are submitted to the Holy Spirit, your flesh ceases to have wants.

CHOOSE JOY! (4) Choose What Matters.

Your values and preferences matter a lot in how you experience life. As your choices align with Heaven you will experience more joy!

CHOOSE JOY! (3)Don’t Make A Big Deal Out Of It.

Starve your problems today by focusing on the Lord. Make a big deal out of Him.

CHOOSE JOY! (2) Own It.

Today you must choose to own your happiness. Take back the power you have given to others. Choose joy!

Stay Submitted To God

You don't need to be talented or gifted. Your power is in your submission.

You Are A Prophet, Not A Therapist!

Instead of spending time describing your problem and looking for sympathy, use your mouth to speak words from the Spirit.

Sympathy Or Solution?

Aim for solutions; not sympathy.

What Are You Concerned About?

Only one thing is worth being concerned about.

Be Careful Who You Are Listening To! (Discerning The Voice Of God-4)

It’s very important to your spiritual growth and destiny that you discern the voice of the Lord.

Who Are You Listening To? (Reject The Counsel Of The Ungodly-3)

Reject every counsel of the ungodly in your and you will thrive.

Be Careful Of Who You Listen To! (Who Counsels The Lord?-2)

Make sure you go to the Lord with your problems and/or those in whom He has their ear. In this way you will be blessed.

Live Together In Unity

God’s presence and power is found in the place of unity.

Break Me So You Can Use Me

Say this prayer and yield to the Holy Spirit.

We Are One Body

And, need each other to thrive as members of God’s family.

Uphold Your Joy

Receive grace to be consistently joyful.

It’s Not Your Fault

Stop blaming yourself.